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Circlesquare Discography

update: ep Hey You Guys / Dancers (2010 Remixes)
Hey You Guys / Dancers (2010 Remixes) (EP) (2010)

Label: Studio !K7
Cat#: !K7239EPD
Format: Digital
Date: 2010


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Songs About Dancing and Drugs (2009)

Label: Studio !K7
Cat#: !K7233CD
Format: CD
Date: Jan 2009
Style: Leftfield, New Wave
Having set up home at Trevor Jackson's Output Recordings between the years of 1999 and 2006, Jeremy Shaw, the man behind Circlesquare decamps to to K7 and produces an album characterised by the seemingly mutually exclusive properties of wistfulness and hedonism. Songs About Dancing And Drugs finds a point of crossover between electronic pop music and minor key, guitar driven songwriting. While 'Dancers' carries a kind of darkened electro-funk - full of gloomy melody - within a few moments 'Music For Satellites' acquires an air of detachment and introspection, held together by strange static transmissions, motorised acoustic guitar strums and aloof, haunted vocals repeating the refrain "All got lost up there". An impressively ambiguous body of work, this is an album that's still trying to work out whether it wants to head for the dancefloor or be left alone, in a state of soul-searching reflection.


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Hey You Guys (Single) (2009)

Label: Studio !K7
Cat#: !K7239EP
Format: 12"
Date: Apr 2009
Style: Downtempo, Tech House, Acid, Minimal
Already a splendid slice of electronically-enhanced pop music, Circlesquare's 'Hey You Guys' takes a detour to the dancefloor thanks to the ace Juan Maclean, who lays on some warm, richly woven together house percussion and biting 303s for this lengthy reinterpretation. The production is modern and crisp but the guiding principle go back to the golden age of proto-acid. Taking on a bit of a surreal disco feel, Mickey Moonlight's remix preserves the killer hooks of the original whilst bringing a freshness and clarity to proceedings.


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Dancers (Single) (2009)

Date: Feb 2009
Covering one half of Circlesquares subject matter for the recent Songs About Dancing And Drugs album, this new single combines cut-up electro-rock production with slippery slide guitar - something stripped away by Konrad Black for his dark minimal techno overhaul. True to form, Lowfish stays closer to the electro-infused pop spirit of the original.


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Ten to One (Single) (2009)

Date: Jun 2009
Another single to be lifted from Circlesquare's Songs ABout Dancing And Drugs, 'Ten To One' takes a darker stab at electronic pop than most artists tend to nowadays. There's a cold, new wave edge to all this, and the understated narrative of the original mix will soon burrow its way into your brain, while the Matias Aguayo mix has designs on pummeling you into submission with some unexpected use of fragmented breakbeats. Finally, a remix by Anoraak and Russ Chimes takes on former single 'Dancers', resulting in some summery, hyper-glossy vocoded disco.


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Dancers / Music for Satellites (EP) (2009)

Label: Studio !K7
Cat#: !K7233EP
Format: 12", EP
Date: Jan 2009
Style: Abstract, Downtempo, Tech House, Minimal
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Fight Sounds (EP) (2006)

Label: Output
Cat#: OPRCD 87
Format: CD, EP
Date: Mar 2006
Style: Leftfield, Post Rock, Experimental
Despite residing under the fizzing-neon banner of Trevor Jackson's Output label, Vancouver-based Circlesquare has always adopted a more considered approach than the shiny Playgroup-style electro-pop which has become synonymous with the imprint. His first new material since 'Pre-Earthquake Anthem' LP, 'Fight Sounds EP' sees Jeremy Shaw further bucking the trend with an EP that unites warring factions - some tracing-paper electronica one minute, ear shattering digitalis the next, whilst in the middle you get some singer-songwriter tenderness for your £££. Opening with 'Part 1' of the title track, Shaw hits you round the face with some proper-brusque beats that incrementally fade out into a spot of mentalism (brief but satisfying) before some steely vocals kick in and take the whole thing down to Colder's gaff. From here, '97 and 02' is a shimmer of tender guitars and hushed vocal rectitude, 'You Missed The Fireworks' dips it's toe in the steely-end of electro, whilst 'Fight Sounds Part 2D' manages to gel pensive guitars and brittle beats without resorting to any kind of -tronica suffix. Square-root of rather good...


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Pre-Earthquake Anthem (2003)

Label: Output
Cat#: OPR61CD
Format: CD
Date: 2003
Style: Leftfield, Downtempo
CircleSquare’s debut album on Trevor Jackson’s Output label is a departure from the sleazed-up discoball obsession the label has perfected of late Mixing up a brooding and pounding melancholy, bass fuelled sensory exploration, and purest minimal electronic meltdown that draws on a wide range of influences including punk rock, hip-hop, skate parks, pipe bombs and adolescent suburban anarchy. Dense, considered stuff.


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